Systems for production of clean, green electricity from the sun offered by SS SOLAR Ltd!

design supply installation and maintenance of solar systems for electricity

The problem with change and global warming is mainly due to the use of exhaustible natural resources for the production of electricity. Each of us can help save the planet Earth, even using minimally renewable energy sources. Such are the sun, wind, water, waste products of animals and plants, and others. Sun shines most of the day. We can take advantage of this by solar systems to generate clean, green electricity. Think and invest today to be able to save the Earth.

Company SS SOLAR offers its customers a wide range of products for construction of solar power systems. We offer you:

Also, customers who want to use water from wells, but there are places where there is no electricity, we can offer solar water pumps. These are submersible pumps and unsinkable, which are fed directly from the sun. They can be used for direct irrigation and storage of water in the vessel and its use when it needs it.

Customers who have already built solar systems for electricity can offer support and prevention systems, and on-grid and off-grid photovoltaic systems. The company repairs all types of inverters for solar systems and solar controllers.

We can offer fast and quality consulting for the right choice of components and the type of solar system for your own needs.

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